Our Projects

Choose a project for your event from our current selection below. Custom crafts are available upon request.

Painted Planters

Paint a terra cotta planter using stencil and free-hand techniques. You'll be provided rocks, soil, and seeds to bring your creation to life right at the bar. Plus, you'll get chalk to write fun messages on the planter.

Mosaic Lanterns

Create a bold lantern using a Mason Jar and a variety of mosaic tiles and gems. You'll design a custom handle using hemp and beads, and then top off the rustic look with sand and a candle.

Beaded Frames

Design a wooden frame using a wide variety of paint, beads, tiles, pearls, rhinestones, and other fun embellishments. Your photos will dazzle in this personalized frame.


DIY Ornaments

Would it even be the holiday season without a little DIY? Create your own set of ornaments using an array of beads, tiles, rhinestones, and paint. Fill the inside with festive materials for some extra cheer!  

Collage Boxes

Decoupage your favorite words, graphics, and patterns onto this wooden treasure box. You'll use paint and markers to enhance your one-of-a-kind designs even more.

Painted Water Bottles

Go green with this custom, reusable water bottle. You'll get to paint your own aluminum bottle using both stencil and free-hand techniques. All bottles are hand-washable. 

Scratch Art Coasters

Get nostalgic for the '90s with our scratch art coaster project. You'll incorporate both painting and etch drawing to create these masterpieces. Each crafter gets two coasters to create their set.